Goodbye Thirties

I’m 39 for only a few more hours. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I’m a bit freaked out because I honestly don’t feel like I’m old enough to be 40. But then again, I feel like this next decade is going to really kick ass for me. I love my life. I can’t imagine how it could be better – unless of course I won lots of money, permitting me to stop working. That would mean that I could knit until my little heart is content. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I could travel anywhere I wanted any time I wanted. Bliss times a kazillion.

This is me at 39.  I wonder what I’ll look like at 40.  🙂

39 + 365 days


On a few other notes…

My workshops are well-attended. This makes my heart so happy! So many new knitters and crocheters!

I’m almost finished with my first level submissions for the master hand-knitter’s certification. I cursed the end of level project mitten last night but… I believe it’s under control now.  (I really dislike that mitten.)

I’ve got some exciting travels (big ones) planned in the next six months. I’m having such a hard time containing my glee.

I might actually be able to work with my Philly yarn soon. Why do projects seem to pop up all the time that keep me from that mini-stash?

Oh! and Jane Richmond’s new West Coast Cardigan just came out. OMG, I want to make this sweater so bad. She writes in her blog post that this sweater is a pretty quick knit. I also know exactly where I can get me some of the Briggs & Little Country Roving. But I shouldn’t spend money on yarn – I should be saving it for my trips. What do I do???!!! (Price out the yarn. If it’s under $50, I’m going for it.)

For now, back to my icky mitten and a movie.

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