About me

Hi! I’m Mylène (that’s my real name)!

I’ve been knitting since before I can remember.  Sometimes I wonder if I love to travel as much as I love to knit.  I think I love them both equally.  But knitting is less expensive and I can do it whenever I want and pretty much wherever I want.  Travel on the other hand, I have to save for.

In a perfect world, I would get paid to travel while I knit.

I think that as I get older, I get more and more excited about yarn and everything related: designing, spinning, weaving, crocheting, (not cross-stitch though), etc…

My goals are to be the best that I can be (at knitting and life in general), always keep learning, not be afraid to try something new no matter how scary it is, take chances, trust my gut, laugh a lot and eventually have my very own yarn shop!  Eeek!

I live in a beautiful country home that I like to think of as my cottage on 20 acres of land (that I hope to be able to afford to do something with some day).  I have wool stashed here and there all over this house.

I’m also the proud mom of a 21-year-old who amazes me every day.  He sings in a band, works and has his own little recording business.

I have a wonderful, supportive and lovely family.  I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

My friends (some knitters, some not) are always there for me no matter what.  I laugh with them, cry with them, travel with them, knit with them and talk and talk and talk with them.

I work with a bunch of funny people doing a job that I love (most days).

I love my life!

(Without sounding ungrateful, I would love my life more if I owned my own yarn shop or a small fiber mill.)

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Mylène,

    What a great site – just love the blogs! Mes parents m’ont donné l’article qui a été publié dans le journal et je devais absolument visiter ton site. Here I am and congratulations. Your site is now on my favorites and I will be visiting on a regular basis. Who knows, I may even start knitting!!!!!

    Ton petit cousin, Luc !

  2. Hi!
    I was reading through you blog and I am so excited! I am from Cornwall too and I love to knit. I am just starting to learn how to spin and hopefully ordering a drum carder this week. You mentioned “knit night” where is that being held and what time? I don’t have a lot of free time but would love to meet up with some people that “get” the wool/knitting/getting excited about a pile of raw wool.

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