Packing Experiment

I just got back from Doha, Qatar and Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.  I was gone from November 7th to November 16th.

Before I left, I decided I was going to pack carry-on only.  I always pack too much.  Plus I had some funky transfers and I didn’t want my luggage to get lost on the way there.  Who cares if it gets lost on the way back.  They deliver it to you when it’s located anyway.

Why do we always over pack?  Who knows.  Maybe we’re afraid we won’t want to wear what we brought so we bring extra?

Suitcase dimensions:  17″ wide x 14″ high by 7″ deep.  That’s pretty small.

The Suitcase

Here’s what I packed:

1 travel pillow – used.
1 camera – never took it out.  Not once.  Used my phone the whole time.
1 sweater – which I mostly wore in the A/C house in the morning when I got up.
1 pair of running shoes – wore them one when I knew I would be doing a lot of walking.
1 pair of flip flops – used every single day.  Also handy when going through security at the airports.
3 bras – one black sport, one white sport, one beige big-girl bra.  I only used the two sports.
3 long sleeved blouses – only wore two.
3 long pants – only wore two.  I wore my new Lululemon Studio pants a lot.  I love them.
2 long skirts – only wore one.
3 thin long sleeve thin open front shirts (to go on top of tanks) – wore them all
7 tanks – only wore four
2 PJ tank/boxer combo – wore both
4 pair of ankle socks – only wore one.
1 swimsuit – wore it.
1 dress – didn’t wear it.
1 scarf – wore it and purchased a few more.  😉
14 underware – they don’t take a lot of room. I used one pair per day. I didn’t need the extras.
1 coat – wore it until I got to the airport.  So if you’re getting a ride from the same person to/from the airport, ditch the jacket.
1 portable battery pack to re-charge my phone on the go.  Get a good one.  Mine overheated and it made me worry.

Suitecase Contents

Actually Used

The first picture is what I packed.  The second picture is what I actually used.

It must be noted that my clothes are small.  If you were a 6′, 250 lb dude, this wouldn’t work.

It should also be mentioned that I had access to laundry.  I washed two outfits.

Conclusion?  I wore my favourite stuff more than once.  I think we all do that.  Even if you don’t have access to laundry like I did, get some little travel laundry soap thingies and wash your stuff in the tub and hang to dry.  Might make for some stiff pieces but they’ll soften up when you put them on.  Alternatively, use the laundry service in the hotel if they have one.  Or hit up a laundromat if you’re not in a super remote area.

If you’re a traveler (as opposed to a “vacationer”), packing light is important and way more convenient.  Imagine how quickly you can get your transfers when you don’t have to wait for your luggage to come off the plane.  And it’s so much easier to lug around when you just have a few small pieces.

Other tips:

  1. Put all your liquids in one leak-proof bag and put them somewhere you can easily access them – like one of the front pockets of your suitcase or pack.  If they ask you to show them all your liquids when you go through security, you’ll be ready.
  2. Wear shoes you can easily slip on and off.  It’s handy when you’re getting all your stuff after it went through the scanner thing. Trying to lace your shoes while everyone is rushing past you is no fun.
  3. Don’t wear a belt.  It’s a pain in the arse to get back on after you’ve gone through security and rushing to gather the rest of your things.
  4. Don’t wear more than two layers of clothing.  They’ll make you take off everything that’s not directly covering skin.  This will save you time.

If you feel like checking out some of my pics, you can find some in Instagram @mimimustknit.

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