Yarn Review!

Noro Kureyon

Fingerless Mittens

Short Row Hat

Knit Short Row Hat







Shades pictured: 188 (mitts), 263 & 368 (hat)
Ball Weight/Yardage: 50 grams/100 metres
Needle Size Recommended : 4.5mm-5mm  (I used 4.5mm/US 7 for my hat and 4mm/US 6 for my mittens)
Fibre Content: 100% wool
Care: Ball band suggests dry-cleaning but how realistic is that?  I would suggest hand washing in cool water with a wool wash.  It’s 100% wool

This yarn is like your favorite pair of old jeans – AWESOME!  It’s not a perfect yarn.  It’s a single – as in one ply.  The singles I’ve worked with so far are very rarely perfect and evenly spun.  That’s part of their charm though.  When worked in a simple stitch like stockinette or garter stitch, the unevenness is lovely.

Now let’s talk about the colour!  Noro is famous for their exotic and unusual colour combinations.  When I think “NORO” I think bright, rich, intense colours that I would never think to put together on my own.

I love the 188 colorway.  It’s really appealing to me.  But when I started working with the 263 colorway, I was really iffy about it.  I usually love earth tones but for some reason, I just wasn’t feeling it.  The more the colours changed though, the more dazzled I became.  In the end, the colours came together perfectly and made this beautiful hat – my new go-to.  Trust in the people that design this yarn.

Where I got it:  yarncanada.ca

On the Yarn Canada website, you can find 80 shades of Kureyon.  Sheesh!  So many options.  How does one choose??

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