Broken Link

It was brought to my attention over the weekend that one of the links in an old blog post was broken.  When I went to look, it was on a post from 2009!  Have I had this blog that long?  Sheesh.  I thought I started blogging in 2010.  AND, I used to blog so much – 10 times a month!  I barely post that much in a year now.  I think it’s so odd because I have so much more to talk about now.

When I started looking through my old posts, I saw a post with a picture of my grandmother.  She was still around back then.  I miss her.  We had so much in common.  I think I was too young to really get to know her and who she was.  If only she were still here.

I also used to be funny.  Not really sure what happened.  Hahahahaha.

I’m just home from White Lake, where some of us ladies from our spinning guild rent a few cottages for the weekend and spin, knit, eat, drink wine and laugh.  It’s always so much fun and I look forward to it every year.  I think I’m the youngest by 15 years and I just love spending time with them.  They crack me up.

I also spent a tonne of time with family this past week – especially with my mom.  And my sister was off for a few weeks so I got to see her a whole lot.  Love it.

In April, Jacob and I jumped on a plain and went to Thailand and Cambodia.  What an amazing trip.  He’s been graduated for a long time but it just now finally worked out for both of us at the same time and for me financially.  I took him a the trip of a lifetime.  We hung out with elephants in Thailand and built and delivered water filtration systems to rural villages in Cambodia.  Naturally, we got to tour around too.  I get to check Angkor Wat off my list!  NICE!!!

Most amazing trip – with my kid… who’s getting too old to look like my offspring.  (Our group thought we were a couple at first.  How gross.)

Life is good.  Real good.  (If you’ve seen Nacho Libre as many times as I have, this is funny.)

I’m knitting like a crazy woman.  I put a warp on the loom my girlfriend GAVE me, with the help of my spinning lady friends.  I started dyeing wool and I’m loving that.  And when I started watching all those podcasts (see last post), everyone had these pretty project bags.  So naturally, I had to have some.  I looked up a few tutorials and figured out how to make my own.  Now my friends want some.  So I’m sewing project bags too.  NEVER A DULL MOMENT AT MY HOUSE.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to, check out my Instagram or my Facebook by clicking on the links in the sidebar (which pops out if you click on the little lines at the top left of this page).  😉

I’ll try to post more.  Or maybe I’ll just start my own podcast.  That would be so fun.  I love podcasts.  Go watch some.


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